Initial Liquidity Provision

Welcome to a new dawn on the Stellar Network.

Things are heating up for Inter-Stellar as we prepare for launch on Friday 11th February at 20:00 UTC and so the leader of the martian army has an important message for you all.

We want to announce that we are making a large investment into the protocol liquidity to enable trading of the $ISX token.

We are partnering with DriftXchange to provide liquidity, which can be provided through Lumenswap’s AMM functionality and the Liquidity Pool pair will be $ISX — $DRIFT which will pay both 50/50 $ISX $DRIFT rewards to incentivise liquidity providers.

Here is what the leader of the martian army has up his sleeves…

Inter-Stellar is going to invest $20,000 into liquidity to begin the journey to becoming the biggest and baddest project on the Stellar network.

We are going to purchase $10,000 worth of $ISX on the public sale to take it off of the open market and also purchase $10,000 worth of $DRIFT to pair together into a liquidity pool pair.

This $20,000 liquidity pool position will NOT be used for profit. It will be used to help the protocol by adding liquidity and to include a deflationary tokenomics model into both Inter-Stellar and DriftXchange.

If you’re unaware at this point of what happens with your liquidity pool position, I’ll briefly explain. As you’re providing 50% of each token to the network to allow for users to trade both of the tokens (both $ISX and $DRIFT benefit from this process) you get rewarded in those tokens for your service of providing liquidity.

This means that our $20,000 investment will be providing us with passive returns each week both in the forms of $ISX and $DRIFT.

Here’s the exciting part.

100% of the $ISX earnt by Inter-Stellar’s liquidity pool position will be zapped into non-existence (burned and taken out of circulating and total supply).

40% of the $DRIFT earnt by Inter-Stellar’s liquidity pool position will be kept in the War Chest as an investment into DriftXchange as we see massive potential in $DRIFT and want to support the protocol in any way possible.

30% of the $DRIFT earnt will be used to giveaway to the Inter-Stellar community with exciting giveaway competitions set each month by the Inter-Stellar team.

30% of the $DRIFT will be burned to assist DriftXchange in its efforts to become deflationary.

We’re really excited to be taking this initial step to show the community how serious we are about building and supporting $ISX from an internal protocol perspective before we have even launched.

If you’re part of the #MartianArmy you will be protected by the 5 great leaders of the Inter-Stellar nations:
The Leader of the Martian Army
Hydra Captain
Andromeda Chief
Centaurus Lord
Dorado Defender



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