Inter-Stellar — They have arrived

“For hundreds of years, you earthlings have debated our existence. You have seen our lights beaming in the sky and our messages left in your crop circles. You make movies and games about us and yet you still doubt our existence. Worry no longer earthlings. In the year 2022, no more will we remain invisible. We have been preparing. We are coming. There is no stopping us. There will be an invasion.” — Radiofrequency translated message received by NASA, 2021.

They have arrived and they are here in numbers. The #MartianArmy told us they were coming and we ignored them, but our luck has timed out. Martians from different galaxies have been sent to Earth to decide the fate of the human race and the future of the planet. They come from the four following factions:
- Hydra
- Andromeda
- Centaurus
- Dorado
Their message is clear. They’re sick and tired of being ignored, they’re here to change that.

Inter-Stellar is a GameFi project built on the Stellar network. We are building an exclusive community game combining exciting aspects from gaming and DeFi, blending them together and creating the absolute highest quality collectable NFT’s.

We are bringing unique concepts to the table that will be built into our gaming mechanism to increase community engagement and stabilise the protocol long-term. Some of these concepts are unheard of in GameFi as of right now and will help solidify us as innovators in the space.

The native token to our protocol is called $ISX and will have multiple use cases:
- The $ISX token will be the currency used for trading Inter-Stellar NFT’s. The NFT’s will be accessible through the platform LiteMint, but you will need to pay for the NFT in $ISX.
- There will also be a staking mechanism for the $ISX token, so you can stake your $ISX in a single pool and earn a percentage APR yield. We have future developments to increase the yield based on NFT holdings also which we will implement soon after the NFT sale goes live.

The heart of Inter-Stellar is our NFT’s. They are the highest quality unique designs, created by an amazing artist. Check them out, their Twitter handle is @InfVillains.

Not only do the NFT’s look out of this world, but they should also increase in value over time as demand rises due to them being super exclusive and limited in supply.

We have an NFT roadmap and the NFT release V.2 is currently being prepared and planned, but for now, that remains redacted as it is SUPER exciting and something that we will keep under wraps for the time being.

NFT Combinator
So you thought earning yield for holding your NFT was cool? — Wait until you hear about our unique concept, the NFT Combinator.

The NFT Combinator is a collectors paradise combined with an economic incentive. Do you want a higher yield % on your NFT’s? — Collect a full set. Stick them into the NFT Combinator and BOOM you have your full set, stake your NFT set and your yield will increase drastically.

Not only does this help with the scarcity of the NFT’s and add to the value but it also gives collectors a new unique incentive to finish collecting a set of NFT’s, game-fi-ing the whole process of being a collector.

The NFT Combinator is on our Roadmap, however as it is a new concept it will take time to develop and therefore we have no fixed timescale of this being completed.

The War Chest
The War Chest is a concept adopted by many DeFi protocols but utilised by few. In essence, it is a protocol treasury that will be deployed to keep the protocol sustainable during periods of low and high volatility.

We will go into further detail in a separate article, as we really want to stress the importance of The War Chest and clarify how we will utilise it.

Another concept that gained popularity during the latter part of 2021 was the implementation of DAO’s. A DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) is where the vision and future of the protocol are essentially handed over from a centralised entity to a decentralised community - Think protocol founders/owners handing the future decisions to their communities.

This is huge in the Cryptocurrency industry as it stands for fair trial and freedom of expression through the medium of voting and consensus.

Inter-Stellar will implement a DAO function in the near future to engage our community to help build the protocol and influence important decisions in the future. This way Inter-Stellar becomes a community-led protocol, something we have been working towards since our inception.



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